Lars S. Linnet

The Internet is growing and we are the water that fuels it!

I like the idea that the internet is not defined by those that deliver the "tools" or "services" but by the people that use them, they are created and maintained by people reading, playing, thinking and writing/recording input!

There is no definite state of the Internet it exists as long as there are power and people willing to add a little portion of their time creating content.

So "Did You Know"?

Extreme sheep hearding!

Some people are really, really, really bored! but well they created something cool out of their time! :)

Samsung have made an awesome 24xSSD disk rig

Don't know what to give me for my birthday? don't look any further, i want this rig! :)

Google I/O '08 Keynote by Marissa Mayer

Not so much an technology speak, but more a general view of what google does, how they do it, why the do it the way they do it and also a short introduction to why they do all the small project they do!

Really an awesome speak and well worth watching/listning to.