Lars S. Linnet

Danish web-turtles! :D

So a while back we received a basket of fruit at my office, if you aren't aware of it I work for Berlingske Media as a Web Developer. Some of our sites are performing quite well (when you take into account the amount of data delivered to the user) but are being pulled down because of third-party partners.
But that is not what the below videos are about, it's a comparison of how fast the front page loads. in the mix of sites we have,,, and - It's great to see such big news making sites battle it out. I personally hopes that this help raise the attention of speed on the internet.

Lets see how the next comparison goes and lets see if it going to be us that are going to send out a fruit basket.

Tomorrow it's the official TALK-LIKE-A-PIRATE day!

So here is a few links & youtube clips to get you in the right mood!

The official TALK-LIKE-A-PIRATE day site!
And remember to change your facebooks language settings to English (PIRATE)!

Netbeans: changing the editors default file encoding

I have started using Netbeans at work, which is quite a nice Developer IDE, with support for plenty of different programming languages. But found out that when I opened a file in UTF-8, it used ISO to render it with, which is really bad when working with the Danish letters æøå.
I found a little configuration option for it that changes the default file.encoding for all files.
You open up the file "/etc/netbeans.conf"
Find the line that starts with "netbeans_default_options="
go to the end of it, and insert (before the quotation mark) this "-J-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" (without the quotes).

True blood - not for everyone!

Got the serie "True blood" recommended by a colleague and what a weird serie! yet it got something that just lures you to watching the next episode.
The plot takes place in a current time setting where scientists have discovered a way to create syntetic blood which as the title suggest are bottled and called "True Blood", because of this vampires have come out of the "shadow" and made their presence public known.

Anyway the theme song of the show is quite catchy, I will let you judge it by you self.

Anyway if any of this have caught your attention, you can find more information about it on IMDB -> "True Blood" (2008)

Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs

I can very much agree to many of the points he ends up making in this short video captured at TED! awesome talk!