Lars S. Linnet

DrupalCon Chicago

This week in Chicago the biggest drupal event in 2011 was held (I predict that DrupalCon London won't be bigger). For those of us not lucky enough to attend, there are videos avaible!

You can find them on by searching for drupalcon chicago also try searching for "Drupalcon" and you should be able to find alot more, including videos from Drupalcon Copenhagen.

Also cover each day of the conference with some overviews and insights into whats happening in the Drupal Community.

Further there is ofcourse also keynotes avaible, all of which are well worth watching, find it at

The next Drupalcon will be at London, and I very much plan to be there!

Weather and trains in Copenhagen

A friend from work had way to much spare time so he created to minor services.

First one is location based weather information:

second one is train information for S-tog in the Copenhagen area.

Responsive Grid

I have been playing around with the idea of creating a Drupal 7 theme which should be based on the thoughts responsive web design. So far I'm only working on the html mockup of the design, this is still a alpha version of it and it still needs a lot of work and testing before it is ready to be converted into a Drupal theme.

My first idea is based on the 12 column fixed grid where the site basically just switch down in size and focus when resizing the browser window, when it hits the lower barrier it just excludes the grid layout and keeping foces on the relevant content gets as high a priority as needed.

You can see an alpha demo here.

Future down the road the idea is to allow for the user to decide the priority of the different regions or perhaps even blocks, meaning that the entire layout will be dynamic based on the choices that the user makes.

How to spot outdated JavaScript

Stumbled over this nice blog post by David B. Calhoun and just though i would share it.

Design of HTML5, CSS evaluation & project process

Every month I stumble over lot of different videos and articles about web development, here is some of the stuff I came across today.

Jonathan Snook wrote a good article about performance in CSS, it explains some stuff on a very basic level that few people think about when writing their CSS code, even thou the main question in the article is about why there isn't a parent selector. Anyway enough rambling about it, take a look at it "Why we don't have a parent selector" it is well worth taking some time to read.

Also @nathansmith shared some nice videos which are well worth seeing, on of them about HTML5 by Jeremy Keith, not how to use the language more the story behind the language and why it's being design the way it is.

Jeremy Keith | The Design of HTML5 | Fronteers 2010 from Fronteers on Vimeo.

The second video is a presentation of how a web application's development flow can be and some good pointers, like "don't design the entire web app in one go, focus on a frame to expand later on!", the most critical thing is to get something out of the door, so split up all the processes. Anyway I found both of them very informative and would recommend them to anyone with an interest in web development.

Ryan Singer at Future of Web Apps, London 2010 from Ryan Singer on Vimeo.